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Digital Catalyst Soccer Training Center

This online soccer development portal created by the experts at TCTC allows soccer players of all ages, levels, and positions to take advantage of the Catalyst Soccer Training resources on any computer or smartphone or tablet, from any location, and at any time.  The Catalyst Online Soccer Training portal gives subscribers access to hundreds of instructional videos for soccer-specific athleticism, injury deterrence and skill exercises.  But the features do not stop there.  Check out all that the Catalyst Digital Soccer Training Center has to offer.

*NOTE* The online soccer training website will be launched in November 2015.  If you want to be among the first people to create an account and receive a special promotion on the already low (only $5/month) subscription fee then email with the subject "Online Soccer Portal Account" to request that your email address be added to the contact list.


Soccer Players

Catalyst Soccer Training Online

  • Sign up for unlimited access to all the resources you need to improve your game
    • Soccer videos instruct you through athleticism workouts (speed, agility, strength, fitness), injury deterrence exercises (flexibility, balance, body mechanics), and skills drills (moves, dribbling, trapping, striking)
    • Follow pre-planned training sessions or request a customized training program and communicate directly with a Catalyst trainer who will guide you through the workouts, exercises, and drills that are designed according to your individual goals for improvement
    • Enter your performance results in your account and track your progress week by week, you can even share these scores with teammates and coaches
  • Receive the monthly newsletter with training tips, athlete of the month highlights, event announcements, online feature updates, and more
  • Remember that when you are not training, somewhere, someone, from a competing team is out there putting in the work to get better, so if you are not doing your own work then you are setting yourself up for failure when you face that opponent who came to the game more prepared than you


Soccer Parents

Catalyst Products and Services

  • Sign your child up for the "Catalyst Elite Technical Soccer Camp"
    • Hosted once per summer in select cities
    • The Certified Catalyst Soccer Performance Specialists provide a 3 day crash course in the Catalyst methods for developing athleticism and ball skills while lowering the risk of injury
    • Players are grouped according to 1) age, 2) level, 3) position so everyone is properly challenged
  • Sign your child up for the "My Catalyst At Home Program"
    • Custom training program for players to do at home, at the park, or at the local gym
    • It provides the player with direction for using the online soccer video library in a manner specific to their needs and wants
    • Affords you a greater convenience for travel, time and cost than working directly with a trainer each week
  • Check out the Catalyst Store for the items your child would love to have
    • Catalyst apparel - shirts, sweatshirts, bags
    • Catalyst training equipment - strength band, cones, balls, jump ropes, ladders, and more


Soccer Coaches

Catalyst Player Safety Education

  • Sign up for the "Catalyst FIRST" Video Class
    • FIRST = Functional Injury Reduction Soccer Training
    • Dynamic warm up routine for games and practices
    • 8 week team program of injury deterrence exercises
  • Access massive video library to see the "what" , "why" ,  and "how" for hundreds of exercises
  • Tools that are a much needed complement to your current regimen of tactical and technical drills you do at practice
  • Learn to conduct a sideline concussion exam to determine if your player can return to the game/practice immediately or not
  • Get your whole club/school/league/organization invovled for a discounted rate


Soccer Trainers

Catalyst Online Certification Course

  • Sign up for the "Certified Catalyst Trainer" home study curriculum and exam
    • Gain practical knowledge of how to develop soccer players in Catalyst Custom Training Programs
    • The insight you receive is based on more than 20,000 custom training sessions conducted at the San Diego TCTC facility from 2010-2015
    • Broaden your skills as a personal trainer to work with soccer athletes on: technical and tactical ball skills, athleticism and body control, injury deterrence and health, confidence and mental focus, nutrition and hydration
    • Become a better 'teacher' of the sports by mastering communication with players and parents, identifying how players learn and tailoring your approach to meet that, and being able to plan the long term progression of the program while still being capable of 'on the fly' changes required session by session
  • Align with the trusted Catalyst Soccer Training brand to attract more clients
  • Get your profile listed in the national "Certified Catalyst Trainer" database and let us do the online marketing for you to drive clients to contact you directly
  • Continue your education and client organization with more online soccer training resources to watch videos, read articles, listen to webinars, complete workshops, track your players' performance statistics, and manage your training session schedule


Coming Soon

Please check back again in November/December 2015 for the link to create an account in the Catalyst Online Soccer Training Portal.

Email with the subject "Online Soccer Portal Account" to request that your email address be added to the contact list.